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I looked in the mirror
and saw that my lips were covered with blood,
the bright room behind me covered in it too
and I saw with a start
that I had finally devoured you.

It must have happened in a drunken rage,
your teasing and false comfort taking me finally over some precipice
where animal instinct took over
and whatever good was left in me shouted

You’ve stolen so much…
moments, friends, love.
You convinced me I was something better when I was with you
but I always woke sorry in the morning,
always felt somehow caged by you,
abhorring you,
but helpless to resist you.

My mirrored reflection frightened me a little
until I realized what I’d done,
realized I’d chewed up that part of me that can’t say no to you,
taken whatever pitiful nourishment it had to offer,
knowing that now I can expel it as waste.

I find the sight of myself,
bloody and wild-eyed,
more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

Prose by

Kelley Walker
Oklahoma City
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MS Word says this is exactly 172 words (including the title), so here goes! :)
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Picture by

Diane Mayr
Salem, NH
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Librarian, children's writer, and poet.
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