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Reasons why it’s great to be alive:

The first note of your favourite band’s concert
An early morning sunrise watched from a school window
Listening to the sounds of the city
The freshly mowed lawn on the sports pitch
Polaroid pictures
The moment in which „me“ is replaced by „us“
Laughing without any reason
The applause at the end of the scene
Being able to be who you are
The last move of a dance
The view out of a very high building
Moments where you are too busy being happy to take a picture
The joy about a sports match that you won
A long night in the hostel
The ice cold wind at the seaside
Colourful bracelets
Finding love in unexpected places
The sun
Remembering little positive events from years ago
The sound a leaf makes when you step on it
Starting a new season of your favourite show
The light coming through your bedroom window
The realization that all your pain is gone for a moment
Jumping into the pool early in the morning
Glow sticks
Lying in bed when it rains

Prose by

Mini Bio
High school girl in love with places far away. Writing and taking pictures to combat mental and physical illness.
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Sandy Brown Jensen
Eugene, Oregon
Mini Bio
I am a Faculty Tech and a digital storyteller at Lane Community College.
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