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I remember one particular evening this summer after supper when my husband Rob my son Ryan and I drove by my sister's house to see if her girls wanted to join us for some ice cream. My six year old niece, Trista answered the door. She is absolutely the most joyful kid I know with so much exuberance for life. She has the cutest freckles, not too many just a few sun kisses on her nose and cheeks and her hair is stunning. Tight auburn ringlets, the kind people notice and compliment her on all the time. When she answered the door she took my breath away. Not only was she so excited to see us but there she was in the cutest outfit ever. She was ....

Silver tiara atop
Auburn ringlet bun
blushing pink leotard – almost too small
cotton candy tutu
matching pink short wrappy stretchy sweater
"the kind that real dancers wear"
the ones that tie just above the belly
Fushia knee socks
and yellow crocs
Delicious!! Trista!
Pretty pink ballerina

At that particular moment she awakened the little girl dancer inside me. The one who leaped and twirled across the living room floor. Who loved pretty pink swirls princess outfits, ballet slippers, cartwheels, sparkles and dress up.

Prose by

Susan Brisson
Mini Bio
A teacher and mother who loves to doodle and write in her journal and share with her students.

Picture by

Brooke Hummer
Mini Bio
Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer, Mother of two redheads. Seeker of beauty.
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