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A person I knew only vaguely just passed away. I think of people who see their loved ones as floating entities days after they leave their bodies and I feel him looking at me from a different place. A place of knowledge and understanding. My skin prickles as I think of how it would be to die in the next second, the very next moment. It exhilarates me to know that I am alive. My body is exalted, every inch that is in contact with the air outside knows it is breathing it. In and out and in and out. The cycle of life in every breath. Never am I more aware I'm alive than I am right now when I expect everything to just go up in flames. I am alive. My fingertips they prickle with excitement. Buzzing with energy, they know I will see the sunrise tomorrow. I will live to taste the food I love and see the people I adore. But most of all my hands are aching to create. They are in full awareness of their power, the magic within them to do whatever they want to, make something from nothing. Help a body in need. Anything and everything is possible with these hands. We hold the power.

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Delhi, India
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I am a bachelors graduate in English Literature from Delhi, India. I work in a publishing house, and read read and read for a living. I'm trying to find ways to make my time here on Earth memorable and epic.
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Danielle Almquist
Ocean City, NJ
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I am. love. smiling. here because I'm here. open. listening. help. kind. Nana's little chickadee. Mom's favorite baby girl. Kids' homebase.