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We could try another lake. Michigan does have 11,000 of them. But for this family, there is only one.

Generations of us have gathered on Crystal Lake each summer for 25 years. We come from all over to reconnect — talking, laughing, eating and playing under the Northern Michigan sun.

Midway through the week, we embrace our beloved lake by pedaling around it. Those who complete the 22-mile bike ride become members of our Circumference Club. To earn that t-shirt, you’ll need power and perseverance. There are unrelenting hills to be conquered. Your lungs will burn and your calves will complain. But keep pumping toward your reward: A liquid blue view and a thrill ride down, cooled by the campfire-flavored breeze.

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Rebecca Kavanagh
Farmington Hills, Michigan
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Rebecca writes for a living and for fun in Metro Detroit.
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Lori Gravley
Yellow Springs, OH
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Lori writes, mothers, dances, sings, shoots, stretches, paints, quilts, loves, teaches, and edits near the middle of a cornfield in Ohio.