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The Clothes Unmake the Man

Throughout high school,
his signature color was a
yellow nobody could name.
We didn't know fabric came
in that color, until he wore it.

Menswear manufacturers
made egg yolk polyester pants,
expecting them to sell, which
they did, of course, but to
only one ninth grade boy.

Other manufacturers dyed
sweater yarn in a ballpark
mustard hue. The acrylic content
guaranteed it would not fade,
and as if to test it, he wore it daily.

What was it that attracted him?
Amber is not flattering to any skin
tone. His peers could not take their
eyes off legs encased in a shade
found on the corner traffic light.

Did he really need the
attention? And those mental
associations that screamed,
"Step on the gas, guys!
Let's get out of here!"

Prose by

Diane Mayr
Salem, NH
Mini Bio
Librarian, children's writer, and poet.
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Picture by

Lami Akinwuntan
United Kingdom
Mini Bio
I like a bit of everything really. Except black licorice.
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Instagram: lamideakinwuntan