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“Who is your best friend?”

I think perhaps one of the fundamental conflicts of most (if not all) of our lives is the search for meaning. Like, what am I here for, metaphysically, to see/do/think? How may I view the world in all its infinitely phantasmal curiosity with my finite perspective and perhaps use my fathoming to shed enlightenment upon my fellow neighbors? What’s the meaning of “use” or “enlightenment” or “love”? Is there a correct way and an incorrect way to perceive the world?
These questions aren’t your yes-or-no questions that can be answered completely within a lifetime or so, but oft do they strike us as imperative to unravel; which is not unlike strangulating oneself with a necktie. Quite remarkably, the human race has, in some way or another, addressed these questions and found several ways in which we can (pretty much) answer them; for the phenomenon about a real mystery is not its complexity of resolution, but rather its lack of solution, its unyielding cozenage beguiling human interest’s rudimentary fathoming. But our fathoming of almost-truth, (which in turn, becomes our truth, (which isn’t entirely imperfect)), is far from rudimentary.
Different people have different theories on where the universe (or one of a multiverse, depending on your conception of metaphysical chance) came from, why it yielded humans from its splendor, how we can classify splendor, whom we should classify as our “friends”, et cetera. Personally, the whole Catholicism deal is working out much of the moral complications that everyone should be addressing, as well as a slew of other wonderful things. It became my truth. I believe in it.
If you’ve known or observed me, you probably noted within your schema of my idea my trademark social ineptitude. (Which is totally fine, because I’m also aware of it, although I don’t live in conscious abidance of it.) But it is true that I’m kind of a nonconformist in my high school society: I try not to value material things in the way most people idolize them; I try not to mis-imagine the ways of other people and their own good or bad thoughts; I try to become inspired by every little thing; I try to love everyone voraciously, whether they can accept it or not. Obviously, the lattermost is probably the more unsettling of others’ opinions/attributions of meaning of love. Yes, it seems impossible, but that’s only because a vast majority of our society find terrible resolutions to problems with hate. It’s unhealthy to hate. Using false motivation for action is akin to succumbing to cannibalism to fix hunger. But, that’s my perspective on the matter.
It’s difficult to grasp that everyone values life on different depths. People who help me delve into the deeper stuff are good for me.
Ultimately, it’s up to the other person to decide whether I’m their friend or not – as I don’t have a solid definition of “friend” – but I’m hoping and dreaming that eventually, we wouldn’t need the word friend: we wouldn’t require a distinction between “good human” and “bad human” because we would all be each others’ best friends.

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Joel E Left
Laredo, TX, U.S.A.
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I'm a looker of things. I've found that most of the questions I'm asked can't really be answered in the over-simplicity of their premises. This is one of my answers to one of those questions.
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There are more things of purple than trouble.
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